Again, Trademore Estate In Abuja Severely Flooded

Trademore Estate
Again, Trademore Estate In Abuja Severely Flooded

Again, Trademore Estate In Abuja Severely Flooded—-In a distressing video circulated on Monday morning, an unidentified woman documented the severe flooding at Trademore Estate in Abuja, with the estate nearly submerged and properties floating in the floodwaters.

The woman urgently appealed to the federal government and the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, for immediate action, stating that two people had already died due to the flood.

“This is Trademore Estate, federal government we are pleading, two persons just died now, the water took them away. Two persons swept away now by this water, please we are begging. FCT minister come and do something, we are appealing. See the Police Station is gone. These are people’s residences, and water is everywhere. Minister of FCT, Honourable Wike, please come to Trademore Estate, people are dying. Two people just died this morning, what a pity,” she said in the video.

The flooding in Trademore Estate is a recurring issue every rainy season. Despite promises from the FCT Administration to address the problem, no effective measures have been implemented. Last year, the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) announced plans to demolish structures obstructing natural water flow in the estate and other areas, but residents strongly opposed this move.

In a statement by FCDA Executive Director Shehu Ahmed, he indicated that structures in communities like Trademore Estate, which disrupt the natural water flow, are responsible for the frequent flooding. Despite marking many buildings for demolition, the residents refused to vacate. The planned demolitions aim to mitigate the ongoing flood damage, which has already claimed lives and caused significant property destruction.

Residents protesting the demolition plans cited ongoing mortgage payments as a primary reason for their opposition.

In anticipation of further adverse weather, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) predicted thunderstorms and rainy conditions across the country from Sunday to Tuesday. Specifically, the forecast included morning thunderstorms over North-Central states such as Plateau, Nasarawa, the FCT, Benue, and Niger, with similar conditions expected later in the day.

Reacting to the early warnings, the FCT Emergency Management Department (FEMD) stated on Monday morning that it has placed its vanguards and local emergency management committees in the six area councils on high alert. A statement from the head of Public Affairs, FCT Emergency Department, Nkechi Isa, noted that the FCT might not experience flooding, despite the warnings affecting neighboring states.

Acting Director-General of FEMD, Florence Dawon Wenegieme, confirmed that mitigative measures are in place around the capital city. She stated that the Search and Rescue Team is on alert, local divers have been deployed to vulnerable locations, and the Local Emergency Management Committees (LEMC) in the six area councils have been informed.

Wenegieme also urged residents to use the 112 emergency toll-free number in case of emergencies.




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