‘Kidnapped Kogi Varsity Students Regain Freedom’

Kidnapped Kogi Varsity Students
‘Kidnapped Kogi Varsity Students Regain Freedom’

Kidnapped Kogi Varsity Students Regain Freedom’—-Reports from the Kogi State Government say some of the students abducted from the Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara, Okene, by bandits on Thursday have been rescued.

Although the exact number of rescued students remains undisclosed, the government credits the achievement to the formidable display of firepower by security operatives and local vigilantes against the kidnappers.

According to a statement released on Sunday by Kingsley Fanwo, the State Commissioner for Information and Communications, the rescue operation involved the collaborative efforts of local hunters and security agents.

Fanwo’s statement emphasized, “Local vigilantes and security agents engaged the kidnappers in a fierce shootout, forcing them to retreat with gunshot wounds. Consequently, the abducted students, along with others in captivity, were safely rescued and promptly taken to medical facilities for necessary care.”

The ongoing efforts to secure the release of the remaining students continue, with security agents diligently scouring the forests.

The incident, which occurred on Thursday night, saw bandits invading the university premises around 9 p.m., disrupting students who were studying for upcoming exams. Kogi State Governor, Usman Ododo, assured the public of the government’s commitment to ensuring the safe return of the abducted students. He vowed to leverage the state’s security apparatus to track down the kidnappers and bring them to justice.

During his visit to the school campus, Governor Ododo expressed concerns about possible insider collaboration in the abduction, citing the suspicious shutdown of CCTV cameras installed throughout the university premises on the day of the attack.

“We installed CCTV cameras in all the classrooms and the entire perimeter of the university campus, yet on the day of the attack, our investigation so far revealed that all the cameras were switched off, and this can only be attributed to sabotage by internal collaborators,” Ododo stated.


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