Premier League Grant New FFP Rules Ahead Next Season

Premier League Grant New FFP Rules Ahead Next Season

Premier League Grant New FFP Rules Ahead Next Season—-Premier League clubs have unanimously agreed in principle to introduce new financial fair play regulations from next season following a meeting in London on Thursday.

The current profit and sustainability rules that have capped how much money clubs can lose over a three-year period of the last decade are to be scrapped from the start of the 2025/26 season, replaced by a ‘squad cost control” rule similar the one adopted by UEFA in 2022.

The new system, which still needs to be fully ratified at the Premier League annual general meeting in June, will work as a shadow to the current Profit and Sustainability Rules next season.

If it is ratified and introduced, clubs will only be permitted to spend a set percentage of their annual turnover on the wage bill for their first team and its coaching staff, as well as the amortised costs of transfer fees and agents’ fees.

UEFA’s current ruling limits that spending at 70% of revenue, but it is yet to be confirmed what will be adopted by the Premier League.

The league and its financial rulings have come under increasing scrutiny this season with Everton twice being deducted points, as well as Nottingham Forest on one occasion, while champions Manchester City still face 115 charges for alleged breaches.



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