Purported Attack On witnesses: Kogi Govt says it’s illogical to attack witnesses doing enough to make paymasters lose woefully in court

Kogi Govt says it's illogical to attack witnesses doing enough to make paymasters lose woefully in court
Purported Attack On witnesses: Kogi Govt says it's illogical to attack witnesses doing enough to make paymasters lose woefully in court

Purported Attack On witnesses: Kogi Govt says it’s illogical to attack witnesses doing enough to make paymasters lose woefully in court——The Kogi State Government has debunked what it described as a headless allegation by the Social Democratic Party that it masterminded attacks on witnesses at the ongoing Governorship Election Petition Tribunal, saying the allegation was not only reckless, but stands logic on its head.

The state government said, contrary to the propaganda of the SDP, discerning members of the public were following the Tribunal case and would know that there was no way anyone would plot an attack against witnesses that were already testifying against those who paid them to testify and doing enough to make SDP lose woefully.

The Commissioner for Information and Communications in the state, Kingsley Fanwo, said it was, however, important to enlighten the SDP that the case at the Tribunal was between parties and that the State Government, which it accused, was not one.

Fanwo, who spoke at a press conference in Lokoja, on Saturday, noted that if any attack did happen as claimed by the SDP, “it must have been stage-managed by the SDP to justify their failure to produce the number of witnesses they claimed to have in line with their modus operandi as witnessed during the campaign.”

“Why would anyone attempt or even attack a witness that has testified against those that paid him to witness for them? The discerning public is following the tribunal case and understands there is no need to attack witnesses that are doing enough to make SDP lose woefully in the law court,” he said.

The state government noted that it was absurd and incomprehensible for the SDP to continue to exhibit anti-democratic tendencies and provoke the sensibility of the people in such a reckless manner, adding that “if they are so confident in their incompetent petition, why resort to self help?”

“As a legitimate Government, we won’t be soiled in the oil of subjudice that the SDP has engaged in with impunity. We will protect all the people and residents of the State and also protect our integrity and image,” the Commissioner stated.

He said, “We wouldn’t have bothered to respond to the barking of the SDP and its leadership as the State Government is busy with governance; but it is important to set the record straight and address the minds of the public to the tradition of lies by the SDP.

“The Kogi State Government under the leadership of His Excellency, Alh Ahmed Usman Ododo, the democratically elected Governor of the State, will be undaunted in its resolve to serve the people of the State rather than be entangled in the propaganda festival by a jobless and idle party.”

According to him, the Kogi State Government is unwavering in its stance on security and constitutionalism as the basic minimum in ensuring a peaceful and secured state.

The Commissioner added that it was the responsibility of the Government to protect all citizens, irrespective of their political or religious persuasions.

“To this end, the State Government did not receive any report of politically stirred crisis and therefore surprised at the blatant, false, spurious and pedestrian claims by the Social Democratic Party in the party’s usual way of whipping up sentiments and spreading falsehood to win public sympathy,” he said.

The state government stated, “It is clear that SDP’s petition is suffering an irreversible setback at the Tribunal as the comedians they presented as witnesses probably didn’t rehearse their lines well or they are falling because their claims have their foundation in fiction. It will be unacceptable for them to vent their impending failure on the State Government that is doing all it can to provide security for all in the State.


“The Kogi State Government doesn’t subscribe to violence and actions that breach the peace of the State. We will also not accept statements deliberately made to incite the people against the Government and possibly spark panic. The SDP must always be prepared for the consequences of their actions and utterances against the Kogi State Government or its officials.

“The illogic of the SDP’s claims is characteristic of a party that is desperately making efforts to hug the limelight through propaganda.

“The Governor of Kogi State is a law abiding gentleman who is working hard to consolidate on the achievements of the immediate past administration. He promised to protect all Kogites irrespective of their political and religious beliefs. His commitment to fulfilling such promises is iron cast and unimpeachable.

“For the National Chairman of the SDP to make false claims against the Kogi State Government before gentlemen of the Press is further proof of the party’s irrelevance and the reason the party is not controlling any state in the Federation. Kogi State cannot be a podium for the SDP to test its songs of division, ethnic bigotry and violence.

“We urge the people of the State to go about their normal businesses as there won’t be any chance for anyone to attack any Kogite. No stone will be left unturned to ensure peace and security in the State.”


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