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#SuperTV Market Activation Train Storms Lagos Amidst Cheers from Lagosians—-From Abeokuta, through Ibadan, and now to Lagos, SuperTV market activation continues to gather momentum as it stirs consumers and customers to download and subscribe to SuperTV Zero Data App – to enable them stream and enjoy the best of movies for leisure and entertainment.


In Lagos, the SuperTV activation team was gleefully received with cheers, as people milled around the activation site at Ikpodo market, Ikeja, from where they combed the Computer Village, and Awolowo Way and its environs. The moment was exciting with music and open dance from the gyrating foot-works of the professional dancers, to the accompanying rhythmic competition by the subscribers, the public and passersby. The fact that subscribers and prospects can watch movies on their smart phones, mobile devises and laptops without data, but airtime, brought relief to subscribers who were very concerned about the usage of data.


Bukola Oloruntobi, female subscriber, who works in a Pharmacy Store, applauded the SuperTV offerings. “I like the SuperTV offerings. The convenient and flexible payment system using airtime instead of data is heart-warming. You know how it these day with data. Ahhhh! Data is really scarce and expensive. So, to have an opportunity to watch movies with airtime, even with as little as 200-naira, is a big relief and an opportunity to enjoy myself more – when I want to relax.”


Whereas Bukola is excited about the flexible payment and convenience, Hope Egwu, a Food Vendor at Ikpodo lauded SuperTV for offering a product that is more assuring than others. “For me, is it not better to pay for SuperTV offering that you know you have the flexibility to choose the programmes you want, based on how much airtime you can afford, instead of subscribing to packages that determine how much data to buy and you don’t really have time to enjoy? I think I feel more comfortable with the SuperTV offerings, especially because, I have some control over what I pay, how much I pay, and what I watch. I have already subscribed, and I am enjoying a movie right now on my phone,” he said.


Another excited prospect, Richard Olatunde, an IT Consultant, feels “It’s an interesting innovation to watch TV without feeding on one’s data, but to use airtime on a scalable mode. I’m eager to experience more of SuperTV.” Festus Oladokun, a student says it’s very good that he can watch movies, and other entertainment categories on SuperTV with his friends without having to worry about data that is meant for assignments and other serious business. “So, telecom services can come to this level considering the huge amount involved in accessing things on your phone many years back?” That was the reaction from Seyifunmi Jenyo, a Microfinance Banker. “Anyway, I hope to get to know more about SuperTV offerings. Mr. Odusami Adedayo Ademola, a civil servant said he couldn’t resist the electrifying moment but had to cross over the street to ask what SuperTV was offering. He couldn’t hide his interest by demanding instant downward of SuperTV App on his smartphone.


Currently, SuperTV is on a nationwide market campaign across Nigeria. The cities involved include: Abeokuta, Ibadan, Lagos, Benin, Onisha and Enugu. Other locations are Aba, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Abuja, Kano and Kaduna. Abeokuta and Ibadan are already done. SuperTV is in Lagos now. The SuperTV market activation is aimed at appreciating Nigerians for their support since the inception of the company. It is also designed to reward customers for their patronage of the incredible SuperTV edutainment packages; and also, to give prospective consumers an opportunity to subscribe to the exciting and imaginative SuperTV programmes. The market activation will encourage the new consumers to download the SuperTV App and subscribe for the zero data platform using the free airtime to be made available at the various locations where the activations will take place.

Even as subscribers and the public thumb up for SuperTV propositions, the Acting CEO, Ijeoma Onah says that, “From Day One, SuperTV emerged with a powerful hard-to-beat market entry strategy, based on a “ZERO DATA” offering; and partners with Nigeria’s largest telecom Network, MTN – to ensure access to her products and services everywhere you go, with the MTN network coverage. With SuperTV, subscribers do not incur internet data charges to stream after subscription. The user gets to enjoy either Live TV, Video on Demand or both at absolutely no additional cost after subscribing successfully,” said Onah.

To subscribe to the SuperTV bouquets using MTN short code is easy:

There is the Try-Out Bouquet which you can access daily by Texting STD to 33150. This will only cost you 200-naira airtime. But, do not worry; at the activation location SuperTV provides that 200-naira airtime free to enable you sample the latest offerings in the bouquet.

There is also the Basic Bouquet which are in three categories of Basic Daily, Basic Weekly, and Basic Monthly. In this category you can access the basic monthly by texting BSM to 333150 at an affordable airtime of 4,200 naira. There are many more bouquets to match every segment of the society including Kiddies Zone with fantastic Daily, Weekly, and Monthly offerings. Reports indicate that kids are loving it big with SuperTV entertainment. They applaud the varieties offered in their bouquet.


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Bisbam CEO, Abisola Bamidele, Bags Owu Chieftaincy Title..Becomes Erelu Borokini Of Owu Kuta



Bisbam CEO, Abisola Bamidele, Bags Owu Chieftaincy Title..Becomes Erelu Borokini Of Owu Kuta

Come Friday, December 1, 2023, His Royal Highness, Oba Hameed Adekunle Oyelude Makama, CON, Tegbosun III, will install Mrs Abisola Bamidele as first Erelu Borokoni of Owu, Kuta.

All roads lead to Kuta, which promises to be a high society event laced with tradition.
To ensure that the chieftaincy ceremony is given a touch of class and panache, Mrs Bamidele fondly called Lady BisBam by her admirers, who have put all the finishing touches to make it a memorable day.
Abisola Bamidele, a visionary and an accomplished female entrepreneur and philanthropist, was born on 4th of July, 1970 in Epe, Lagos.
Lady BisBam, as she’s popularly known, from an early age, her curiosity and determination set her on a path of innovation and social impact. Her advocacy for preservation of culture and tradition had fueled her brand as “Alaga Iyawo” (Traditional Wedding MC) for over thirty years and still counting, she’s known and recognized home and abroad for excellence and her height of exposure even as “Alaga Iyawo”.
She stands as a luminary in her field. She has raised and still building brands (people) in her own capacity.

After records of accomplishment and success as Alaga Iyawo, Abisola Bamidele embarked on her entrepreneurial journey. Well over ten years now, she founded BISBAM GLOBAL VENTURES (BisBam Place), a groundbreaking venture that stands as a testament to her dedication, offering a one stop sanctuary for Aso Oke, Aso Ebi, and resplendent traditional bridal ensembles. Complementing this, her brainchild “Arewa Jewellery Shop” adorns individuals with the finest pieces, celebrating the heritage of Nigerian culture. Her ability to identify market trends and adapt to evolving industries quickly propelled the company to success.

Known for her leadership acumen, Abisola Bamidele served as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women in business. She became an advocate and a pioneer of an online Family Building Forum called HOME BUILDERS, which has close to 80,000 members. Driven by a desire to mend fractured families, this thriving community now unites nearly 80,000 members across the world, serving as a testament to its impact on the lives it touches.

Not content with personal success, Lady Bisbam established the “Alaga Academy,” popular called “THE RISING STARS.” This esteemed institution imparts invaluable mentorship and guidance to budding talents, serving on the Board of Trustees and acting as Matron. This organization nurtures emerging talents, fostering a legacy of empowerment, producing over 150 accomplished graduates. These graduates are now well established and are doing exploits in their respective areas.

Her dedication to supporting women facing cancer is a cornerstone of her philanthropic efforts. Through her work with numerous government agencies and not for profit organizations, Lady Bisbam has provided crucial resources, emotional support, and advocacy for women navigating the challenges of cancer.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavours and philanthropic initiatives, Lady Bisbam demonstrated a profound commitment to fostering spiritual and communal well-being. Recognizing the importance of faith and community, she dedicated herself to singlehandedly constructed two places of worship, a church and a mosque in two distinct communities. The impact of Abisola Bamidele’s generosity and vision for spiritual spaces transcended the physical structures themselves. Both places of worship became catalysts for community engagement, fostering connections, and promoting a sense of belonging among diverse groups.

Her commitment to constructing places of worship underscored [Entrepreneur’s Name]’s holistic approach to philanthropy, emphasizing the importance of addressing spiritual and communal needs alongside economic and social challenges. Through these endeavours, she left an enduring legacy of compassion, unity, and a deep respect for the diverse fabric of communities she touched.

Her achievements have not gone unnoticed. With over 100+ national and international awards to her name, Lady Bisbam is a true exemplar of excellence. In her leadership roles, be it as Chairperson of the Wonderful Women Foundation Network, or her integral position in Wauve Foundation, Nigeria, she has made significant strides in advancing causes dear to her heart.

As a matron of the Gleam Foundation (The Renewed Tribe Foundation) for the Less Privileged, she has been instrumental in providing support and opportunities for those in need. Her work in this area revolves around providing quality education for less privilege. Her advocacy work with African Women Cancer Awareness USA has been a beacon of hope for many.

In addition to her business achievements, Abisola Bamidele earned recognition for her philanthropic efforts. Awards and honors, such as OUTSTANDING FEMALE ROLE MODEL OF THE YEAR 2022 (Nigerian Outstanding Leadership Award Platform), City People Awards – FEMALE ACHIEVERS AWARD 2023 to mention but a few, highlighted her dedication to creating positive change beyond profit margins.

Lady Bisbam’s online presence is nothing short of a digital phenomenon. With over half a million dedicated followers across various social media platforms, her influence resonates far and wide. This vast community is a testament to the depth of connection she cultivates through her work and advocacy. It’s not just a number; it’s a thriving network of individuals inspired by her message and leadership. Through these platforms, Lady Bisbam continues to amplify her mission, reaching hearts and minds with her empowering vision for a stronger, culturally enriched Nigeria.

In Lady Bisbam’s remarkable journey, we witness a fusion of grace, unwavering commitment, and boundless resilience towards her community. Her story is a tapestry woven with threads of cultural preservation, education, and the nurturing of a close-knit community. Lady Bisbam stands as a guiding light of leadership, with a steadfast dedication to uplifting Nigerian women and preserving their cherished heritage.

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Father of 11-year-old boy buried alive on the run



Father of 11-year-old boy buried alive on the run—-Mr Oshodi, the father of the 11-year-old boy allegedly buried alive by his stepbrother at Apamsede, in Kogi, is said to be on the run, the newsmen reports.

Newsmen gathered that the shovel and the cutlass allegedly used to perpetrate the dastardly act by the stepbrother were also missing.

Passers-by rescued the 11-year-old on Wednesday after he had been buried by his stepbrother in a bush at the Silo community in Zango Daji, the Adavi Local Government Area of the state.

The 11-year-old boy was alleged to have stolen N1,000 belonging to his stepmother who instructed her son to punish him.

In meting punishment to the 11-year-old, the 17-year-old took his stepbrother into the bush where he allegedly buried him alive.

The Police Public Relation Officer, Kogi Command, SP Williams Ovye-Aya, had told NAN that Oshodi travelled and that the police were waiting for him to return for his own side of the story.

When NAN visited Apamsede community on Saturday, it was revealed that the father of the victim had absconded and that when the incident happened the father of the victim was at home.

The district head of Apamsede, Malam Garba Ahmed told NAN that on the day of the incident, the father of the 11-year-old boy, the stepmother and the stepson were summoned to the palace of the traditional ruler on what led to such act.

“When they came to the chief’s palace, Mr Oshodi, the father of the 11-year-old boy was present at the palace when both the stepson and stepmother gave reasons for their action,” the district Ahmed explained.

“The boy’s father probably ran away when we insisted on inviting the police to handle the matter.

“The stepmother and her son, Goodness, had confessed to committing the dastardly act.

“But the traditional council of our community has decided not to harbour such people in our land.

“Once the stepmother and her son finished facing the wrath of the law, we shall banish them from this land.

“But before we banish them, we will ensure that the family offer a sacrifice to cleanse the land,” he said.

NAN reports that the police team who brought the boy’s stepmother to their house in Apamsede on Saturday morning discovered that the shovel and cutlass allegedly used in burying the teenager were missing.

Although the house was under lock and key, the police team observed that there were some changes in the environment unlike what they saw on Friday during their visit.

“Somebody must have entered this your house. Yesterday, when we came here the house was locked and the window curtain inside wasn’t down as we can see now.

“Some of the things that we met outside here yesterday are no more here. Somebody must have come around here.”

The police who had to break the lock and key to gain entrance into the house when the woman claimed that she had no key to the house, alleged that most of the things inside the house had been taken away.

“Where’s the shovel and cutlass you said were in the house? This is because nothing is here. Somebody must have packed the valuables here,” one of the officers said.

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