World Press Conference By Loveworld Inc., As They Announce Date For 2024 Edition RHAPATHON By Pastor Chris

World Press Conference By Loveworld Inc., As They Announce Date For 2024 Edition RHAPATHON By Pastor Chris

World Press Conference By Loveworld Inc., As They Announce Date For 2024 Edition RHAPATHON By Pastor Chris—-The Loveworld Incorporated announce it will commence their four-days testimony series of people across the globe about its devotional book, Rhapsody of Realities, on May 15 – May 18, 2024.

Pastor Chris, D.Sc., D.D. as the president of Loveworld Inc., writes the Rhapsody Of Reality books that has been translated to over 8,000 languages of over 4,000 dialects which was translated by over 200,000 translator for every people all around the globe.

Pastor T.T TEMISAN Member of the Central Executive Council, Loveworld Inc. speaking at the event says the book written by the president of Loveworld Inc. Rhapsody of Reality is the Rhapsody of God, As he urges everyone all around the world who has access to the book to read and believe as the books heals.

He further said the book is the most translated book in the world both on digital copy, soft copy, audio copy for visually-impaired people.

Rhapsody of Realities is available for early readers, available for the teenagers is the TEEVO, and that makes it the world most readable book in the whole world.

He goes on to describe the book as RESTORATIVE PIECE for people around the Globe.

Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka, The Director of Corporate Affairs at Loveworld Inc., says that the books should not be limited to just Christian literature, adding that Rhapsody of Realities aids in self-understanding from God’s viewpoint.

She added, “The book keeps you abreast of yourself—to know who you are regardless of your location. God’s intention for every single person on the planet is to have a beautiful and excellent life, regardless of country, culture, and color. And the rhapsody of realities makes these possible for each and every one of us.”

She said, there was so much chaos and evil going on in different nations of the world, and the Bible already warned about these days and times.

”With the imminent rapture of the church, which is now very close, Rhapsody is a foremost evangelical tool to win, save and prepare the whole world for the rapture.

”Through the Rhapsody of Realities, the man of God Pastor Chris, brings the word of God to billions around the world every day, educating us on our rights in Christ, and how to deal with the negative situations around the world,” she said.

Pastor Paul Olise a beneficial of the book share his testimony during the press conference, he goes on to thank Pastor Chris for his investments in him, the Rhapsody of Reality is part of his life and he called the book a reprogramming that he take and his life is healed and he feel manifested in all aspect of his life.

He added, “The book help me in building my life and my Church from having few members to having thousands of members with the help of the book written by Pastor Chris.

The Rhapsody of Realities is a “SUPER BOOK”, a “POWERFUL BOOK”, he said.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, D.Sc., D.D. has healed a lot of people with this book and that will keep happening to everyone who believes in the book, it’s not just a book but a powerful one.



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