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Two Nigerian teams clinched the grand prizes in the Network and Cloud tracks of the regional finals of this year’s Huawei ICT competition.


This year marks the 3rd ICT Competition in Nigeria. Remarkably, the Nigerian teams took the mantles from the Tanzanian and Kenyan Teams.

While the University of Port Harcourt team comprising of Udochi Danielle, Ushuta Anthony and Adebayo S. Oluwafemi won in the Networking category, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria’s team comprising of Micah B. Shallom, Yunus Abdullahi and Aliyu Isah won the Cloud category. For the Innovation track, Amadu Bello University took the third place.


The Network and Cloud track competition examines the ICT knowledge, hands-on skills and team work exhibited by students. The Innovation Competition evaluates the innovative capabilities of the students to bring forth a sustainable change.


The Huawei ICT Regional Competition is a competitive ICT Talent exchange event developed by Huawei for Sub-Saharan College Students. This initiative is aimed at promoting a healthy development of the ICT Talent Ecosystem and support the integration of industry and education.


The Regional Finals commenced online in February 2022 with over 100 participants from several schools in Sub-Saharan Africa. Following the theme of the event entitled “Connection, Glory & Future”, this year’s regional final was held online. All candidates who attended the Regional Final emerged from the Huawei ICT Academy and had the recognized Huawei certification with each candidate participating in only one track; the Network track, Cloud track and Innovation track.


Mr. Shalom Micah, a 300-level student from the Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, whose team won the 1st place in the Cloud Track remarked that the Huawei ICT Competition is one of the biggest competitions in the world which requires a lot of resilience and grit. “The instructors were trained with the sole aim of testing the critical thinking skills, coordination under pressure and test of knowledge through times exercises”.


Mr. Adebayo Samuel Oluwafemi, a 400-level student of University of Port Harcourt, whose team won the Grand Prize in the Network Track, stated that the Huawei ICT Competition holds high prospects as it exposes candidates to real world technologies. He applauded Huawei for helping in “bridging the wide gap between academia and organizations as the knowledge gained goes a long way in students’ career”.


Mr. Leo Chen, the Huawei President of the Southern Africa Region in his opening remark at the award ceremony highlighted the fact that the world is witnessing digitalization in the African Region with ICT becoming an indispensable part of people’s live, work, education and achievement.

“According to the World Bank study on digital skills in sub-Saharan Africa, over 230,000,000 jobs in Sub Saharan Africa will require digital skills by 2030. Over the past 2 decades, Huawei has employed over 8,000 people in these regions in ICT being one of the top employers in the region. Some of the employees joined Huawei through the Huawei “Seed for the Future” initiative and have become top performers, team leaders and senior managers in their various fields,” he said.


“Huawei attaches great importance in developing women in the region by providing different levels of training. We believe in the saying that ‘If you educate a man, you educate one individual, if you educate a woman, you educate a society”. More excitedly for us, lots of girls have taken part in the Huawei ICT Courses and competition despite the stereotype in the ICT Sector. Huawei will achieve its goal in ICT by continuous partnership with the Domestic and International experts in the ICT field to create an ICT ecosystem where everyone will reap great benefits,” he added.


Prof. Liden Arthur Brito, the Director UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa in her speech at the award ceremony congratulated the students and winners of the competition and applauded the academia for training the future leaders who would transform the continent. She appreciated the fact that Huawei empowers teachers on ICT to impact knowledge on the students.


“Huawei empowers people, community and the continent and lack to technologies discriminates and leaves people out of development. By raising the capacity and skills of young South Africans in the different sphere, women, government, employees and the public in general in the transformation is enormously appreciated. She further appreciated Huawei’s mobilization of top key partners to achieve the goal of digitalization and transformation which is not an easy step. She stated that the winners of the competition are role models and she urged them to encourage their fellow students and friends,” she said.


Mr. Yang Chen, the Huawei Digital Talent Program Release stated that Huawei has been working hard to transfer skill and innovation to more people. One of the best achievements is the Huawei training program.


“Over 1200 instructors have been trained in the past 3 years having 3,000 courses in 5 catalogues, spanning from 5G, AI, IOT, Big Data and Cyber security. For the leadership courses, people now have access to global best practices and case study in digital economy development including policy making and developing strategy,” Chen said.


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JUST IN: Nigeria Felicitates #OPEC At 63



#OPEC At 63

JUST IN: Nigeria Felicitates #OPEC At 63—Nigeria has congratulated the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) at 63.

This is contained in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Amb. Gabriel Aduda .

He said OPEC had made significant strides in energy governance and the transformative impact of petroleum supply worldwide, over the past six decades.

Aduda, who is also Nigeria’s Governor at OPEC, recalled that on September 14, 1960, at the Al-Shaab Hall, in Iraq, heads of delegation from five founding nations, united to establish what is called OPEC today.

He said OPEC had eventually become a formidable force, revolutionising the history of global oil production and exports.

“The resolute actions and unwavering commitment of OPEC have left an indelible mark on history, exemplifying the value of perseverance and the relentless pursuit of results.

“As we celebrate the birth of this remarkable idea and the immense progress made by OPEC over the past 63 years, Nigeria takes great pride in joining the global community in honoring this occasion.

“On behalf of President Bola Tinubu, and the wonderful people of our beloved nation, Nigeria, I extend heartfelt congratulations to management and members of OPEC on this auspicious commemoration of OPEC’s 63 years of progress,” Aduda said.

Continuing, he said “Undoubtedly, our nation stands proudly alongside OPEC, acknowledging the significant strides made in energy governance and the transformative impact of petroleum supply worldwide over the past six decades.

“On this momentous occasion, we, the people of Nigeria, join our OPEC counterparts and the global community in fervent prayer, echoing the sentiments of the OPEC Secretariat, for even greater prosperity and success in the days and years ahead”.

Aduda said OPEC, and non members had maintained a commendable status as an intergovernmental organisation at the United Nations and worldwide.

“Alongside our fellow members and non-OPEC countries, OPEC has consistently championed lofty ideals and objectives aimed at advancing sustainable development goals through energy provision and environmental preservation.

“Through extensive cooperation with non-OPEC oil-producing nations, OPEC has continued to make informed decisions in fostering market stability within the global energy sector,” he said. 

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JUST IN: Appeal Court Nullifies Sale Of Intercontinental Hotel, Orders Return To Milan Group



Intercontinental Hotel

JUST IN: Appeal Court Nullifies Sale Of Intercontinental Hotel, Orders Return To Milan Group—The Court of Appeal Lagos Division has nullified the sale of Intercontinental Hotels, Lagos by Polaris Bank and Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria, and ordered a return of the facility to the original owner, the Milan Industries Ltd.


In a unanimous judgment in suit No CA/LAG/CV/476/2021 delivered by three Justices of the Appeal Court: Jimi Olukayode Bada, who read the lead judgment; Muhammad Ibrahim Sirajo and Peter Oyinkenimiemi Affen, the appellate court ruled that Milan Industries Ltd had fully paid the bank the Two Billion Naira (N2Billion) mortgage facility it secured from Polaris Bank before the hotel was taken over and sold by AMCON and the bank.

The bank, which was then known as Skye Bank had put the management of the five-star hotel under the receivership of Mr. Kunle Ogunba, an arrangement that was nullified by a Federal High Court in Lagos. Despite this, the bank went ahead and sold the hotel to another company, 11 PLC, a move that was challenged at the Appeal Court by the lawyers to Milan Industries Ltd, Messrs Ahmed Raji SAN and Tunde Kasunmu of Prof A.B Kasunmu SAN chambers.

It will be recalled that Milan Industries Ltd had taken a facility from Skye Bank to part finance the five-star hotel located in Victoria Island, Lagos and managed by IHG.

The Milan Group, has up till 2021 to pay back the facility but in a curious move, the bank obtained an interim order to take over the management of the hotel, an order that was vacated when the suit was struck out by the court on March 20th 2018.
According to the Certified True Copy of the judgment signed and released on Wednesday by the Senior Registrar of the court, A. G. Balogun, the appellate court held that the two issues Milan Industries as Appellant/Cross Respondent was contesting were resolved in its favour.

According to the lead judgment by Justice Jimi Bada, “With the resolution of Issues No. 1 and 2 in favour of the Cross Respondent and against the Cross Appellants (Polaris Bank, AMCON and 11 PLC), it is my view that this cross appeal lacks merit and it is hereby dismissed.”
While agreeing with the lead judgment, another member of the appeal court panel, Justice Ibrahim Sirajo stated that “the appellant insisted that it had paid over Two Billion Naira in liquidating the facility and that as at the time the 1st respondent (Polaris Bank) entered into agreement to sell the appellant’s secured asset to the 2nd respondent (AMCON), there was no collaterized and secured asset to sell to the 2nd respondent.

It was also the case of the appellant that at the time the 2nd respondent sold the appellant’s Intercontinental Hotel to the 3rd respondent, the appellant had discharged its obligation under the legal mortgage by paying the amount secured by the property.”

To buttress his position, Justice Sirajo ruled that “I adopt his lordship’s reasoning and conclusion in the leading judgment as mine in also allowing the appeal. I abide by all the orders made in the leading judgment including that of the costs.

While also concurring with the lead judgment by Justice Bada, the third member of the appeal panel, Justice Peter Affen said “the judicial reasoning and conclusions reached on the issues raised accord with mine, and I hereby affirm my agreement with the leading judgment which allowed the main appeal and dismissed the cross appeal. I equally abide by the orders on the costs.”

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