GDSS Kofar Yandaka, Old Students Reunite To Support Alma Mater With Learning Tools

Support Alma Mater With Learning Tools
GDSS Kofar Yandaka, Old Students Reunite To Support Alma Mater With Learning Tools

GDSS Kofar Yandaka, Old Students Reunite To Support Alma Mater With Learning Tools—The Old Students of Government Day Secondary School, Kofar Yandaka, in Katsina State, came together for the second time after leaving school in 1983 to support the college with learning tools.

The Chairman of Class of ’83 Old Boys Association, Alhaji Ali Aliyu-Saulawa, disclosed this during an interactive session with newsmen in Katsina on Friday.

Aliyu-Saulawa said that the support was part of the activities by the body to celebrate their 40th anniversary of leaving the school.

“We have gathered here today to announce that we shall be celebrating the 40th anniversary of our time at Government Day, Kofar Yandaka, on December 31.

“In keeping with the spirit of giving back to our Alma Mater, the 1983 set of old students will proudly present teaching tools to the current school authorities at the ceremony.

“We hope that these resources will enhance learning for the current students and contribute to the continued success of the school,” Aliyu-Saulawa said.

According to him, the friendships they forged, the knowledge they gained and the experiences shared have all played a significant role in shaping who they are today.

“It is through our collective efforts and dedication to the pursuit of excellence, and particularly the commitment and dedication of our teachers, that was responsible for our success.

 “It is our hope to continue to inspire and uplift the present generation of teachers.

“In this spirit, we shall on that day, honour some of them who have made it possible for us to excel in life.

“While celebrating, we shall also recognise the outstanding contributions of individuals who have made significant impact on the development of the school and in the field of education and beyond.

“As we come together to commemorate this important milestone, it is my privilege to announce that our celebration is a time for us to reconnect, reunite and acknowledge the achievements and successes that have transpired since our days in school.

“In addition to our reunion, we are pleased to inform you that Gov. Dikko Radda will also be awarded the ‘Visionary Educator Achievement Award’, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to education,” Aliyu-Saulawa said.

He also said that Radda’s unwavering commitment to improving education, notably through the employment of more than 7,000 school teachers, shall positively impact the state’s educational landscape.

He said that the female students of the school would have the distinct honour of crowning the Wifenof the Governor, Zulaiha, as the “Queen of Girl Children Education Excellence Award”.

“As we celebrate our collective achievements, it is important to recognise the contributions of our fellow alumni, who have gone on to distinguish themselves in various fields and have significantly impacted the development of education in the state and Nigeria as a whole.

“These Heroes of ‘the Rising Sun’, who showed dedication, perseverance, and leadership to inspire progress and growth in the education sector, will be proudly honoured and celebrated,” Aliyu-Saulawa said.


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